Enabling Collaboration

Pier 9 designer Andreas Bastian describes how the 3D-printing process is ideally suited to creating upper-limb prosthetics and teams up with Kieran, an e-NABLE recipient, to create and test new designs. Kieran describes how his e-NABLE prosthetic has changed his life and how it’s allowed him to help others.


Red Hat Films tells the e-NABLE story, showing how open source methodologies foster collaborative innovation.

Enabling Education

Students at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School show how their EDGE Lab partnered with e-NABLE to print a hand for seven-year-old Jazmyn Bueno, who is seen using her prosthetic for the first time. To quote St. Margaret’s Director of Technology, the project demonstrated to her students “the impact of technology and innovation… to serve someone in need.”

Tartans Build a Mechanical Hand from St. Margaret’s Episcopal Schoo on Vimeo.


Enabling Medicine

Video footage of our speakers at our Prosthetists Meets Printers Conference at Johns Hopkins Medicine – September 28th, 2014

Opening & Welcome – Dr. Albert Chi

e-NABLING The Future: A Vision and A Movement – Jon Schull

3D Printing: Now and Soon – Andreas Bastian

Why Industry Should Welcome This Disruption – Troy Farnsworth


It Seems To Work: Preliminary Data and Future Research Directions – Dr. Jorge Zuniga


Empowering Parents and Families: Ivan & Jen Owen, Peter Binkley & Peregrine Hawthorn and Gregg and Luke Dennison


Policy Issues – Robert Grayboyes

With Great Hands Comes Great Responsibility: Making The Future – Dr. Albert Chi & Jon Schull