The Flexy Hand and Flexy Hand 2

Flexy Hand 2The Flexy Hand and Flexy Hand 2, designed by Steve Wood, are 3D printable prosthetic devices made using flexible hinges. Using flexible filament for the hinges means that no elastic cords are necessary to return the fingers to their outstretched position.

Files and instructions for the Flexy Hand 2, the wearable version, can be found on Thingiverse, here.

Features include :

  • Gauntlet attachment via Filaflex hinges
  • Two length/widths of gauntlet available
  • Sculpted palm socket
  • Discrete internal tendon channels
  • Adjustable tensioners
  • Discrete glove attachment channels (or alternative “Chicago Fastener” method)
  • Left and right hand versions
  • Scaleable

Original base mounted Flexy-Hand – (as used in the Limbitless Solutions arm)

  1. 90deg Thumb
  2. 45deg Thumb
  3. Opposable Thumb
  4. Filaflex Remix (utilising a standard 1/2″ thread used on a standard terminal device) – 45deg and opposable thumb versions.

Flexy-Hand 2 –

  1. 45deg Thumb – Narrow wrist
  2. 45deg Thumb – Wide wrist
  3. Opposable Thumb – Wide wrist only
  4. Thumbless version – Narrow wrist
  5. Thumbless version – Wide wrist
  6. Print in place wrist brace – Narrow and Wide
  7. Thermoformable wrist brace – Can be used for narrow or wide
  8. Thermoformable Palm mesh – Narrow and Wide wrist
  9. Filaflex Remix – Wide wrist and 45deg thumb only. (

There are miscellaneous hinge moulds for casting your own flexible hinges – Gyrobot – Dale Price – Sebastian Wiesemann

Finally there are the Flexy-Fingers which are compatible with the Flexy-Hand range, these are fingers that can be printed in one complete piece using Flexible filament throughout.