RIT – 2015 Summer Fellowship


Rochester Institute of Technology

2015    e-NABLE Community Foundation Fellowship

Janet Myers
 I worked on a number of projects.  Here are the highlights.


Vertus Charter School Educational Program

RIT students Elizabeth Jackson, Jade Myers, & Kawah Wong taught 9th-grade boys skills in 3D-modeling and printing which culminated in the boys presenting a completed prosthetic hand to a local 7-year-old.  A curriculum was created for this program and added to the open-source #e3STEAM repository (see links below).


Vertus Students Presenting their Hand to Child


Tasks Video

RIT Students Rebecca Bonamico & Jade Myers filmed e-NABLE volunteer and hand recipient Peregrine Hawthorne as he performed a variety of tasks using his prosthesis, in order to evaluate its effectiveness (see link below for videos).

Function Task Performed with a 3D-Printed e-NABLE Hand



3D Systems Evaluations

Our lab was tasked with the testing & evaluating of four products by 3D Systems:  The Cube & CubePro 3D Printers, the Sense 3D Scanner, and the Touch 3D Modeling Stylus (see notes below).

             3D Systems Evaluations and Hacks



R & D – The “Haiti Arm”

 The lab is working on a “Rotary Jaw” joint to provide pronation & supination to the  developing Haiti Arm.  

                Early Stage Development

                Jaw Function Video


                  image00 Community Outreach – EATC

Students participated in the Effective Access Technology Conference at RIT, a technology expo for access and inclusion.  At the end of the conference, the lab held a “Hands On”  assembly event where the community could assemble hands.  The assembly event filled to its max capacity of 35 participants.

               EATC Workshop Article