Board of Directors

image00Jon Schull
Board Chair
Rochester, NY

A biological psychologist, inventor, entrepreneur, human-computer interaction researcher, and digital community organizer,  Jon Schull is the creator of e-NABLE, and the co-Founder with Marla Parker of the Enable Community Foundation.In a past life, Schull was the founder of aka (NASDAQ:DIGS) a seminal digital rights management company.  Dr. Schull  is the author of 19 patents, and former director of RIT’s Center for Student Innovation. In his current role as Research Scientist in MAGIC, Schull directs an initiative in Access and Collaboration Technologies (ACT)

mpMarla Parker
Los Gatos, CA

Marla Parker worked as a software engineer or manager for thirty years in Silicon Valley.  She created She Does Math (MAA 1995), a collection of career stories and math problems by women, to encourage women and minorities to take math every year in high school. Marla joined the e-NABLE community in February, 2014, on the coattails of her teenage son, Nick Parker, who was active in the community during his senior year of high school. Marla co-founded the Enable Community Foundation with Jon Schull in October, 2014; organized the pilot 2015 Summer Fellowships program, with Jordan Miller; and began working with Rich Lehrer on the Enable Educators’ Exchange in November 2015, taking the lead on university connections while Rich takes the lead on K-12 connections.

Grace Mastalli,
Chief Executive Officer
Wilmington, NC

A lawyer by training, Grace Mastalli has spent her life in public service and working for social justice. As a high ranking career official in the US Department of Justice, she was instrumental to the enactment and implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as many other federal civil rights laws and policies.  After leaving the government for good, she has served as an adviser on many law and technology issues, ethics & corporate responsibility, and non-profit compliance. In 2009, she joined the National Coalition on Health Care leadership team as COO and General Counsel to work on health system reform. A passionate advocate of STEM education and cross-disciplinary problem solving, she looks forward to helping the Enable Community Foundation use open source design, technology, and social networking, to give the world assistive devices that empower those with limb differences and other ability challenges.


Andreas Bastian,
Board Member
Oakland, CA

Andreas is a designer, engineer, and artist who develops and applies cutting edge 3D printing technologies.  Currently a 3D printing research scientist at Autodesk, he studies both novel and established additive manufacturing technologies and their role in the near future.  He has conducted research in fused deposition modeling (FDM) technology as lead R&D engineer at Makerbot Industries and developed low-cost selective laser sintering technology (SLS) at both the Miller Lab for Microphysiological Systems and Advanced Materials and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute at Rice University.  More recently as an artist in residence at Autodesk, he explored low cost metal laser sintering, developed an un-bounded 3D printing system with applications in digital textile fabrication, and researched mesostructured cellular materials.

Scott Summit,
Board Member
San Francisco, CA

Scott co-founded Bespoke Innovations, Inc. in 2009 and served as its Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Summit’s clients included Apple, Nike, Palm, and various other companies both large and small. Mr. Summit’s designs have earned international design awards, including the IDSA, IDEA, Good Design, and Core77.Mr. Summit holds over 20 design and utility patents. In addition to design, He has held faculty positions at Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon, and Singularity University. He has spoken at TEDx Cambridge, the Vanguard Lecture Series, the Summit Series, Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders series and keynoted at Autodesk University. Mr. Summit writes for Time Compression Magazine on the arts and technology enabled by additive fabrication

Staff and Volunteers

MelinaMelina Brown

Director of Case Management and Quality Assurance
Opelika, AL

Melina’s son, Ethan, was born missing some of the fingers on his left hand. In the summer of 2014, Ethan received an e-NABLE Cyborg Beast hand and Melina joined the Community as a volunteer.  Based upon personal experience as a recipient’s parent and customer service management professional, she quickly stepped in to establish a matching system that included a process for tracking requests and approving volunteer fabricators for matching with recipients. Melina became an effective advocate for recipients and their families as part of  the Matching Advisory Board and the Research and Development teams. As the first full-time employee of Enable Community Foundation, taking the position of  Director of Case Management and Quality Assurance, she is responsible for and co-chairs the Design Review Board, manages staff to track a global distributed inventory for this community of digital humanitarians. Melina, often referred to as “the heart of the community”, is the source of a wealth of institutional knowledge for both the e-NABLE Community and the Enable Community Foundation alike.

Justine-1Justine Diamond
Director of Community Engagement
Ramsey, NJ

A cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and children’s literature aficionado, Justine  brings a wealth of professional and volunteer leadership and communications experience to Enable Community Foundation. Her years of project  and people management  in both the commercial and non-profit sectors  include logistics planning, customer service, and special events as well as being a Girl Scout troop leader,  roadie coordinator for her daughter’s high school marching band, running a Youth Employment Service for a New Jersey school district system,  and managing the ECF 2015 Device Design Challenge. The current host of the e-NABLE Community’s weekly Town Hall Meeting, this Renaissance woman has made assembling 3D printers, making and modifying e-NABLE devices, and helping others to do the same a Diamond family affair. She, her husband and her two daughters can often be found with demo hands and educational materials at NY/NJ/PA area Maker Faires, schools and community events.


JeffJeff Erenstone

Device Review Board Leader
ABC Certified Orthotist Prosthetist
Lake Placid, NY

As CEO of Create Prosthetics and Head Clinician for Mountain Orthotic and Prosthetic Services, Jeff Erenstone has built a practice which specializes in custom and small production designs for Adaptive Athlete. Recently Create Prosthetics has branched into fabricating prosthetic components out of flexible 3D printed materials.  Jeff is educated as a Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist and has two offices in Northern New York.  In addition to his clinician practices, Jeff holds positions on the multiple eNABLE Advisory Boards. He is a member of the Mobility Saves Committee which is designed to educate stakeholders about the field of Prosthetic and Orthotics.  He volunteers with Camp No limits, a camp for children with limb loss.  As well he is a principal founder of  Operation Namaste, an organization which is dedicated to improving O and P care in Nepal.  He believes that future of care in the developing world will use a combination traditional Orthotic and Prosthetic techniques and modern 3D printed designs.

RoRo Ortiz
Web Applications and Hosting  

Rogelio Ortiz (Ro) joined the community in mid 2014 with the first 700 members while looking to contribute in the 3D printable assistance space. His contributions have numbered from printable graphics, posters, the well known measurement guide and Hand-o-matic web app as a primary developer. Due to Rogelio’s Software Development background, he has remained as a volunteer managing our community’s open source web applications.

RichLehrerSVEFRich Lehrer
Enable Educators’ Exchange Coordinator, 
Grade 8 Science Teacher
Manchester, MA

Rich Lehrer is the Coordinator of the Enable Educators’ Exchange. In September of 2013, Rich and his students at Brookwood School, Manchester, MA, became one of the first school groups in the world to embark on an education project centered around the building of a 3D printed prosthetic hand for a recipient – in this case, Rich’s son, Max. The experience was a profound one for all involved, and eventually led to Rich’s involvement with the Enable Community Foundation. In addition to overseeing the ECF’s k-12 education initiatives, Rich is a full time eighth grade science teacher, has been collaborating with MIT’s D-Lab for five years to scale their “humanitarian engineering” approach to a middle school audience, is an advisor for WGBH’s Design Squad Global, and is a National Faculty member for the Buck Institute for Education, the leading organization in the advancement of Project Based Learning.  Rich sees in the ECF’s education work a perfect combination of authentic STEAM PBL, service learning, design thinking, global competency education, and an ideal opportunity to teach students critical thinking, compassion, and collaboration and welcomes the participation of all educators looking to involve their students in this incredibly meaningful and rewarding work.

Me & Faith FullJohn Wong
Enable Evangelist
San Francisco

John Wong was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome which affected his left hand.  He has a fully formed thumb & 4 partial digits.  Because he is able to grasp a water bottle with his left hand, John had never felt the need to use a prosthetic device.  But when he heard about e-NABLE through one of the Limb Difference support groups he belongs to, he decided to join them as he thoroughly believes that what they are doing is indeed changing lives.  Although John has volunteered with numerous organizations in the past, he believes that his work with e-NABLE is the most rewarding, as this is something that directly affects him.

As part of the e-NABLE community he is an Evangelist, as well as a prosthetic tester.  John has traveled abroad on behalf of e-NABLE & frequently represents e-NABLE at local events.  He also speaks at schools in the SF Bay Area as he introduces students to what e-NABLE is doing, as well as get them to join the community & make prosthetic hands as part of their class projects.  He is currently working with several schools to help them implement 3D Printing & making e-NABLE devices as part of their curriculum.