Lend a Hand

If you’d like to help develop the coolest community ever, you’re in the right place.  (If you NEED A HAND or want to BUILD A HAND, you know what to do).

The Enable Community Foundation’s mission is to help grow the community and advance its goals.  Increasingly, we do it by working with  classrooms, affiliates, chapters,  companies, and other organizations.  There’s a lot to do.  There’s a lot you can do!

  • Educators can join the Enable Educators’ Exchange  to help develop the next generation of digital humanitarians using e-NABLE projects to teach Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, or Math (STEAM).   For inspiration, check out Jazmyn’s story.
  • Volunteers of all ages help organize and participate in MakerFaire displays, and  Handathons (hand assembly events).  To lend a hand, check the calendar and join the G+ community.
  • But there are things volunteers  can’t do, won’t do, or shouldn’t do.   That’s what our paid staff are for.  You can help pay them. Our  DONATE button is at the top of every page on this site.  (Try it.  You’ll like it.)  If you’d like to organize a fund-raiser, we’re all ears.
  • Foundations, Funds, and Trusts will find useful information on the DONATE page too.
  • And businesses can Lend a Hand too.

Intel and others have organized team-building events around the assembly of pre-printed e-NABLE hands.  It’s a surprisingly effective and rewarding way of building good fellowship and good will among your employees while helping to change the world, one hand at a time.  We can supply everything you need, and help you get organized.

Other companies have made generous in-kind donations to the Enable Community Foundation.  Printers and filament donations are obviously opportunities for vendors who want to advertise their values and products, while winning the hearts and minds of thousands of 3D-printing thought-leaders.  See Partners.

And we’ve also benefitted  from in-kind services donated by law firms, web development companies, and others.    Visit our Partners page, and get in touch!  We’re fun to work with and we need plenty of help.

To make a long story short, the story isn’t over.  Help write it!