Hardware Sources

Many of e-NABLE’s designs require a collection of parts that aren’t currently 3D-printable.  Below are some sources of hardware, cabling, and medical grade materials that are used in many of the designs

Cyborg Beast Hardware Kit from 3DUniverse 

e-NABLEr Jeremy Simon has put together a comprehensive hardware kit that includes everything necessary to assemble a Cyborg Beast (except the 3D printed parts).  We highly recommend this option as it is the easiest and fastest way to gather all necessary parts for a Cyborg Beast.  Additionally, please consider donating a kit to somebody in need!

Chicago screws

Also know as interscrews, binding screws, book screws, and menu screws.

Elastic line

Tendon line

Orthoplastic/Foam Padding



Used for securing tendon and elastic lines to the ends of the fingertips in the Cyborg Beast.

Protective Sleeves