e-NABLE has developed the Handomatic web application to make it easier to create custom sized STL files for printing e-NABLE hands.


Handomatic allows you to:

  • Enter your measurements
  • Select different models of hand, such as for people with no thumb
  • Preview the parts
  • Generate 3D printable STL files that get emailed to the email address provided

Handomatic does NOT:

  • Generate a request to order manufacturing of this product
  • Talk to a 3D printer

e-NABLE Handomatic for the new Raptor:

Server 1: http://webapp.e-nable.me
Server 2: https://e-nable.youmagine.com/

If you would like an e-NABLE volunteer to work with you through this process, or if your needs are not addressed by Hand-o-matic, please fill out the e-NABLE Intake Form.