Enable Educators’ Exchange (e3STEAM)

In August of 2015, the Enable Educators’ Exchange was created in response to the large increase we had seen in the number of educators wanting to incorporate e-NABLE related experiences into their classrooms.

How to involve your school with e-NABLE and e3STEAM

1. Get Informed and Connected

  • Familiarize yourself with the e-NABLE community and review the goals of our e3STEAM education initiative 
  • If you think you or you school might be interested, see what is involved in becoming an e-NABLE new member and fill out our new member form to join our network of nearly 7000 volunteers

2. Start Making

  • Once you have heard from our incredible matching department, follow their instructions to find out how to print, track down hardware, and submit a test hand for review
  • Check out these resources to help understand how to 3d print,  print components, and assemble a basic hand like the Raptor or the Raptor Reloaded
  • Follow our matching department’s instructions on which hands to print in order to help one of our recipients, one of our overseas hand projects, or one of our other multitude of hand uses.

3. Connect Your Students

  • As you start connecting your students to this work, begin to think of curricular tie-ins between eNABLE and your classroom and check out our ever expanding Enable Educators’ Exchange Curriculum Repository where educators are submitting lesson plans, unit ideas, PBL projects and more
  • Consider registering with our Enable Educators’ Exchange to connect with other educators
  • Hear from educators who are using eNABLE in elementary schools, high schools, and colleges by visiting the video of our August 23rd e3STEAM Kickoff Hangout and the accompanying slide show

Become a member of our AMAZING Google+ community in order to get answers to your questions.
Contact the Enable Educators’ Exchange Coordinator, Rich Lehrer, if you have any questions.


The goals of the Enable Educators’ Exchange are:

  • To provide an opportunity for a global community of like-minded educators who will collaborate with each other and share eNABLE inspired ideas, experiences, curriculum, and best practices through online discussions and an open-source file repository.
  • To provide an opportunity for young people to become involved in the e3STEAM and eNABLE community, thus providing them with an inspirational 21st century model of the power of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, service, and technology.
  • To empower young people to become agents of positive change in their own lives and in local and global communities by virtue of their involvement in the building and receiving of 3D printed hands.
  • To assist informal and formal education organizations in the creation of 3D printed hands and devices and to get them to those who need them.