Creighton – 2015 Summer Fellowship

From a team post to the community in August, 2015:


Hello everyone! Our research team at Creighton University has a new Fusion Cyborg Beast (with movable thumb) that we have been redesigning over the summer and we are releasing it to you all in the format of a .STEP file. This allows you to work with the file without having the troubles of the STL files. A few of the features are

  1. no chicago bolts, everything is consists of snap pins
  2. traditional tensioner block that can be adjusted
  3. movable thumb to create different grips
  4. internal cabling

We have recorded a video to further explain the details of the device ( Please use this video to assemble the model.

The zip file is located here (
It includes the full STEP file and all individual part STL files for printing. To print, you will need to make sure you have the following:

  1. palm (left or right)
  2. gauntlet
  3. tensioner block
  4. 5x tensioner pins
  5. thumb slider (left or right)
  6. thumb phalange (straight walled end towards the thumb slider)
  7. thumb finger
  8. thumb pin (goes in the thumb slider and phalange hole)
  9. 5x fingers (thumb is the same length as the rest)
  10. 5x finger pins (thumb is the same file)
  11. 4x finger phalanges
  12. 2x knuckle-thumb pin (goes in the knuckle joint for phalanges and then 90 degrees from that pin
  13. down the thumb side for the thumb slider)
  14. a small portion of a paper clip. Heat it up and insert it into the pre-made hole of the thumb slider. Video shows an example.

Join the google+ community to find this original post and participate in discussions with these researchers and other enablers in the community.  Here are some images from some of their other posts:

palm reg thumbcreighton2gauntlets

Download the Creighton Final Report (pdf) for this 2015 Summer Fellowship.