ECF is a non-profit organization and a part of e-NABLE, similar to many other groups, universities, companies and individuals who are part of this community.

e-NABLE is an open community.  Open communities are defined by open licenses and a decentralized, participant-driven method of working called “commons-based peer production.”[1]  Anyone can download and print the designs released by members of this community under various open licenses.

Started in 2013 as a map of volunteers and recipients by ECF co-founder Jon Schull, this open community is a fast growing global assistive technology network.  The website Enabling the Future, owned and operated by sole proprietor Jen Owen, is the oldest running blog in the e-Nable community.


The community forums ( host searchable public discussions. (The google+ community is not searchable unless you are in it.)  You need to sign up in order to post, but anyone can read the public forums.

The non-profit Enable Community Foundation (ECF) was created in October 2014.  Even if e-Nable had come from ECF, rather than the other way around, ECF would not be able to keep track of all the work in this world wide community, much less control it.

A feature of open communities is the participation of everyone involved with the products and projects, not just the authors or designers.  So….

Please Join Us!

GooglePlus-logos-02Please join us in the Google+ e-NABLE community, also created by Jon Schull in 2013.  There you will find a stream of technical and non-technical conversations related to 3D printing and assistive technology.  Users of experimental 3D printed assistive devices, their friends and families, medical professionals, designers, engineers, makers, educators, students, and many others around the entire world share stories and help answer questions for each other.

Weekly Town Hall

Every Friday at noon, U.S. Eastern Time, we hold a community Town Hall meeting.

[1] Wikipedia, retrieved February 4, 2016, Commons Based Peer Production, Overview, 4th paragraph.