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Welcome To Our Builders’ Community!



Welcome!!  Thanks so much for joining the e-NABLE Community and volunteering to build hands for children who need prostheses.  You’re joining a wonderful community and will doing a wonderful thing and the Enable Community Foundation is here to support YOU.

The e-NABLE Community has grown into a worldwide movement of over 7000 tinkerers, engineers, 3D print enthusiasts, occupational therapists, artists, university professors, designers, parents, families, students, teachers and every-day people who enjoy making free 3D printed hands and arms for those born without, and those who have lost them due to natural disaster, disease or war.

You are at the heart of what we do. You are responsible for our remarkable and growing success in reaching out to a vast and grateful community of recipients.

Thanks for providing “helping hands for the global good!”


Yours Sincerely,

Melina Brown

Director of Case Management and Quality Assurance

Enable Community Foundation


ECF challenges you to design a Specific Terminal Device


Builder’s Orientation



As a volunteer Builder, you are starting on a journey that will create a wonderful gift for someone in need.  Our 3D printed devices enhance physical capabilities and self-esteem, and our community serves as a model for the future we all hope to enable.

We have policies and procedures in place that will make the outcomes successful for Builders and Recipients as well as the larger e-NABLE community.

This information package will provide you with key links to many resources that are at your disposal.  Please make good use of the information and guidance that has been created for you by others in the community.

We also have a community code of conduct for interacting with each other. It’s simple, but it’s deep, and it has served us well…!

Getting Started…

  1. If you haven’t done so already, please tell us about yourself, using this form.
  2. Join and browse the Google+ community:  When you’ve got your bearings, use the Introductions category to introduce yourself.

Code of Conduct:

  • Do no harm.
  • Embrace a spirit of sharing.
  • Question arguments, not motives.
  • Offer solutions as well as diagnoses.
  • Demonstrate respect for others at all times.
  • Respect and protect young members of the community, who are recipients, tinkerers, fabricators, communicators.
    • Parental permission is required for interaction with a minor and correspondence should be overseen by the parent/guardian. Strive to include their parents/families in your interactions as your investment in perpetuating their safe haven in the e-NABLE community.
    • Keep your meetings transparent, and in public places. Avoid making yourself vulnerable to the complicated and negative situation that could result from interacting in a residence or secluded location.
    • If you notice a post in the community by a potential recipient who appears to be under the age of 18, please tag Justine C. Diamond or Melina Brown in the comments.
  • Recognize that our collective success and reputation rests on your shoulders, ultimately determined by our individual choices and example.


When you abide by these simple policies, you are enabling the future we all want.

If you deviate from them, you put us all in jeopardy.


If you have questions about your own practices, or about those of another e-NABLE volunteer, please email [email protected] or [email protected]

Safety Guidelines and Waiver:

To protect all parties and our community, it is critical that everyone-Builders as well as Recipients-abide by our Safety Guidelines and acknowledge our Waiver of Liability.  You’ll find them here.


To rise to this awesome opportunity and responsibility, please orient yourself by making yourself familiar with…

What’s Next?

Now would be a good time to browse through the rest of this Builder’s Package to preview the journey we’ll be taking together. Check out the various links and information related to each step and you’ll find additional information that will answer many newcomer questions.
You also will find that community members are happy to answer questions not covered here, but please pay them the courtesy of checking here first.

Make a Test Print


Your first rite of passage will be to print a test hand.  This will prove, to yourself and to us, that you’re ready to work with a recipient.  If you’re in the US or the UK, we’ll  ask you to send us the device. Others can submit a short video to our Matching Team for review.

Resources to Help You

The e-NABLE community is constantly generating new tutorials, techniques, and workflows for designing and building low-cost 3D printed prosthetics. We provide a collection of resources spanning design, 3D printing, fitting, and hardware sourcing etc.


We are here to support your efforts.  You will find much of the information you need to get started here.  Please feel free to ask questions as you learn the ropes.
We also have a great Forum that you can engage with. Check it out here.

Choosing Which Test Hand to 3D Print

Your test hand will be some version of the Raptor Reloaded. Please use this page to indicate which one you are going to print.
Now, download the files and other information you need to print the Test Hand…

After Making the Test Print …

…we ask that you complete a Test Hand Submission Form. This helps us connect with you and allows us to keep improving the new builder experience.


The results of your test hand evaluation can be found by checking here.  If you have any questions, please email [email protected]


We can assure you that if your Test Hand is suitable, we will make every effort to provide it to a matching recipient.


Again, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the greater Community if you need some advice or help.

Match With Recipient

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Once we’ve reviewed and approved your Test Print submission, you will be added to our pool of makers who are eligible to be matched.


We take the matching process very seriously and want to make sure we maximize the chances of success for both you and the recipient.  It may take some time (depending on location, recipient needs etc.). Please be patient!  We do strive to do this as efficiently as possible so recipients receive benefit from your work ASAP.


After you have successfully made a test print, you are encouraged to print and send unassembled hands and arms to replenish the shoe-store like inventories of medical teams working in places that can’t support local printing, or where patients are seen quickly, possibly in surges. Printing for Scouts and others working on these projects is extremely valuable to the e-NABLE community, our affiliated medical groups and recipients – even if you do not have the opportunity to meet as you would if you were making a customized device in a matchmaking scenario.   


You will find more information and a sign up form for creating hand kits here.


While you’re waiting, you can familiarize yourself with :Handomatic” – the tracker tool that extracts measurements from a recipient’s photos.  Here’s an explanatory video.


When we have a recipient for you, we’ll e-mail you to ask whether you are available to assist.  If so, we’ll put you in touch with the recipient and help you through the process.
Please Note:  If you’ve already made contact with a recipient through channels other than e-NABLE, please e-mail the matching team at [email protected] so we can guide you through the same intake process.

Print Recipient’s Hand

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Printing For Your First Match

Being matched to a person requesting a device is a very exciting time for both you and your matching recipient.  e-NABLE’s reputation is now in your hands.  Please review and follow the Important e-NABLE Policy Reminder guidelines on where and how to interact with recipients and their families.


Next, please follow these steps to complete the printing of the hand:


  1. Determine the size/scaling for the device using the recipient’s photos and the tracker tool. (Here is the link again to the explanatory video.)
  2. Log the completed measurement photo in the Recipient’s Drive folder
  3. Determine which e-NABLE model to use and acquire the appropriate “.stl” files.  The easiest way to do this is use e-NABLE’s Handomatic software. If you are working on an arm or with a recipient with special considerations, please contact the Enable Matcher if you need help with this process or a point of contact with an advisory board.
  4. Copy these files into the recipient’s Drive folder
  5. Determine which colors to use Print
  6. Acquire auxiliary parts (such as velcro, padding, and grippy fingertips) here. If you are working on a larger project or printing for a workshop, there may be special instructions for a project. For example, people making arms may not need to purchase and send PVC pipe because it is being purchased and sent separately to the program. Assemble and test. If you need assistance with assembly, refer back to the webpage with the .stl files for your device. When videos and other resources are available, links are added to the webpage. When documentation is available, links are added to the webpage and copies of the documentation files may be included in the folder with the .stl files.


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 11.28.33 AM

Now is the time to deliver the device to the recipient.  


When you are matched to an individual recipient, depending on your location you can either mail it to them or deliver it in person. In addition to the hand, provide a printed copy of the Waiver and Safety Guidelines, and please make sure you review them yourself!   Again, if delivering in person please respect and abide by the e-NABLE Code of Conduct.  


The recipient will try on the device. There may well be problems with fit or adjustments.  If you need help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the e-NABLE Community.


This will be the end of your journey with your first recipient.  You can share your story with the Community and be assured that you have made a difference in the life of a deserving child and his or her family.


When you are part of a team making hands and/or arms for multiple recipients, you connect with all the other people on your team and in the project overall.  The devices are directed to someone with medical training. This person leads the distribution, ensuring that the devices will do no harm and are gifted to recipients without fees or manipulation for compensation. Check the website for related Google Hangouts, blogs, photos and links to video files during and after the project.




 Community Activity

Visit our forums if you have questions about 3D printing of files, other technical questions, or if you need help with anything else in the process. Of course, you are also invited to share your 3D-printing wisdom with other volunteers who may need some assistance!

Check out our Calendar of Events where you will find plenty of opportunities for collaboration and service, and we’ll follow up with suggestions to get you going.