Autodesk University Hackathon Winners

Autodesk University e-NABLE Hackathon Winners!

Volunteers helping participants assemble hands.

Volunteers helping participants assemble hands at AU 2015.

In December 2015, the Enable Community Foundation partnered with the Autodesk Foundation to run e-NABLE’s first design Hackathon and an extremely successful hand assembly workshop.  While at AU, numerous e-NABLE and Autodesk Foundation volunteers helped participants assemble 150 Raptor Reloaded hands which were generously printed by Voodoo Manufacturing.  The Hackathon kicked off the afternoon of the 3rd and ran for one week.  Designers, architects, and engineers participated, resulting in nine new designs and concepts for the e-NABLE Community.

A panel of judges from the e-NABLE Community and ECF evaluated the submissions based upon the concept, printability, and functionality of each design.  We’re pleased to announce the winners of the Autodesk University e-NABLE Hackathon:

First Place: Luke Mihelcic, Toothbrush Holder

Luke’s submission leverages the modular hand adapter designed by Justin Lavigueure.  The judges found Luke’s design would require few modifications to print, satisfied a real recipient need, and was well-designed.  Source files available here.


Second Place:  Chris Holden, Pen/Pencil Holder

Chris Holden also did a great job leveraging the modular hand adapter, in this case creating a ball and socket joint to allow users to use and adjust a writing or drawing tool.  With a little bit of testing and iteration, this design will be ready for testing!  Source files available here.

pen holder

Third Place:  Patrick Ramirez, Cylindrical Tool Holder

Though a newcomer to e-NABLE, Patrick Ramirez was an all star volunteer at the hand assembly workshop, assembling numerous hands himself and teaching other participants how to put the hands together.  Patrick’s design is a concept for a module that integrates into the side of the hand to allow users to grasp tools with cylindrical handles of different sizes while keeping the center of mass of the tool close to the user’s palm of better control.  Source files available here.

Graduated Cap v1

Honorable Mention:  Sachlene Singh, Game Controller Holder

Sachlene, who works on the Fusion 360 team at Autodesk, received an honorable mention for her adaptations to multiple parts of the attachment design to create a pivoting video game controller holder.


All around the Hackathon people were pursuing interesting ideas and modifications.  One design that caught the judges eye, but that needed a little more development was Eric Boelhke’s Fin of the Future, a concept for a swimming prosthetic based on conventional swim paddles:

Screen Shot 12-02-15 at 03.32 PM Screen Shot 12-02-15 at 05.09 PM

Source files for these and other submissions to the hackathon can be found in the e-NABLE Fusion Sandbox.  All in all the hackathon was a huge success and we’re excited for the next one!