2016 Summer Internship Program

The Enable Community Foundation is excited to announce the 2016 Summer Internship Program. The purpose of this program is to advance work on 3D printed assistive devices and find innovative yet effective ways to address related R&D issues that have been identified as relevant to the Foundation’s mission.  The Foundation seeks to recognize and support innovative work in the furthering the organization’s goals. 

Each award of up to US $5,000  will be conferred to a Principal Investigator(PI) at a post-secondary institution to be used to pay a summer student intern to work on assistive device design, fabrication, or related research.


To apply, please email a one-page description of the project or research plan for your summer student intern to [email protected]

Student Eligibility

A Principal Investigator may hire a student of any age, including high school students, college or postgraduate researchers.  Students may not apply for these internships directly – the funds will only be awarded to the PI who will hire the student.  


The host institution and PI must agree to these stipulations:

  • provide office or lab space where the student can work on a daily basis
  • have time to directly supervise the student, or have a graduate student supervising the student and reporting to the principal investigator
  • submit a written plan due one week before the student starts
  • submit a written report after the internship ends, due two weeks after the end date
  • require the student to submit
    • their plan for the summer due two weeks after start date
    • their mid-summer report of progress
    • their final report of the summer research (see 2015 example)
  • require the student to post a brief progress report in the e-NABLE google plus community once a week
  • require the student to participate in summer intern hangouts, to share their work and experience, at least three times during the summer
  • release all work products from this research under an open license
  • Since ECF is a small non-profit, the award must be accepted by the host institution as a 0% overhead grant.

The initial number of awards is limited to four, but this may be increased the number if the Foundation receives additional funding.  (To sponsor a summer intern, please email us at [email protected])

Selection Process

We are seeking proposals that will make a significant contribution  based on a design, fabrication, materials sciences,  or feedback and analysis techniques.

Although the process is not first come, first serve, proposals are accepted now and may be awarded at any time over the next few weeks.