2016 Summer Internship Program

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 Enable Community Foundation Internship Program. The program is designed to encourage full-time student participation in open source collaborative problem solving working under the supervision of professors at postsecondary institutions.  Awards of US $5,000 each are being conferred to be used to pay one or more  summer student interns working on assistive device design, fabrication or related research. Awards allow students to concentrate on addressing research and design issues relevant to upper limb assistive device innovation and improvement.  

Throughout the summer, the interns and their supervising Principal Investigator (PI) will report on their progress through  participation in the R&D forums and by participation in a series of scheduled Roundtables on Google Hangouts.

2016 Summer Internship Roundtables



  • 7/18

    Monday at 4 PM Eastern Time.

  • 7/25

    Monday at 4 PM Eastern time.




Meet the 2016 Summer Interns


Jessica Bergau

University of Florida Student

Lead Researcher: Stephen Hugo Arce

Project: activity specific terminal devices/training arm

Download Stephen Hugo Arce Proposal 



Akhil Surapaneni

Rice University Student


Chris VanGundy

Rice University Student


Lead Researcher: Jordan Miller

Project: The OWL hand (Improving form and function of the Raptor Reloaded hand)

Download Akhil Surapaneni’s and Jordan Miller’s Proposal


Patricia Goldberg

Marymount University Student

Lead Researcher: Eric Bubar

Project: Grip strength

Download Eric Bubar’s Proposal


COMING SOON: ECF Summer Intern, Garrett Wong



2016 Summer Internship Spotlight

Meet the 2016 Summer Interns!