Deploying innovations for people with limb differences.


Open communities of digital humanitarians.


The Enable Community Foundation supports an international network of passionate volunteers using 3D printing technology and STEM education to develop and deploy hyper-affordable prosthetic devices to children and other underserved populations around the world in a safe, sustainable manner.

The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 1 in 2000 live births each year involve upper-limb reductions. In the United States, the CDC estimates that about 1,500 children are born with congenital upper-limb deficiencies each year. Additionally, more than 32,500 children in the United States have experienced a major  amputation due to trauma, tumor, or other disease.

In contrast to traditional prostheses that are expensive and often impractical for growing children, 3D printed prosthetics are  innovative and inexpensive. “Superhero hands” developed in partnership with young recipients and their families can turn a potential disability into a  a life-affirming opportunity for personal growth and innovation, for  recipients as well as for makers, world wide.

The  Enable Community Foundation aims to implement and validate a scalable high-tech infrastructure that matches recipients with volunteers who create open-sourced assistive technologies…for free or minimal costs.  It supports educational materials and program to recruit and develop more digital humanitarians.  It continues to develop partnerships and programs to bring these inspirational new methods and solutions to the entire world.

In the long run, crowd-sourced digital humanitarians can address many kinds of unmet needs.  In the near term, we are “changing the world, one hand at a time.”