Millions of people around the world living with limb-loss do not have access to prosthetic care.

ECF builds intuitive 3D tools for clinicians to quickly provide patients with high-quality and cost-effective 3D printed prosthetic devices.

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ECF develops culturally appropriate, high performance prostheses, builds tools for the clinicians to configure these devices, and then trains local clinicians to manufacture and fit the devices. We believe that this is a rapidly deployable and scalable approach to the growing and unmet need of low cost prosthetic care for those currently without access.

Introducing LimbForgeTM

Deployable Prosthetic Technology

LimbForge is a powerful new tool for clinicians for configuring and manufacturing 3D printed prosthetics. It enables clinicians to spend less time building devices, dramatically simplifies supply chains, and delivers ultra light-weight, culturally-contextual prostheses to populations who need them most. In addition to designs by ECF, LimbForge can be used to size and deploy partner designs. Once in LimbForge, a prosthetic can be customized to any human anatomy on Earth.

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